Tropical rocklobster rule reminder

FISHOS are being reminded to refresh their knowledge of the rules that apply to recreationally-caught tropical rocklobster.

Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol district officer Robert Ibell said a number of fishers had been found in possession of rocklobsters that had not been appropriately marked.

“Recreational fishers that catch tropical rocklobsters are required to remove the central flap of the tail or puncture the flap with a hole at least 10 mm in diameter,” Mr Ibell said.

“This rule is in place to make it easier for recreational catch to be distinguished from commercial catch and prevent the illegal sale of rocklobster.

“We’re finding fishers are simply putting a knife through the central flap but this marking does not meet requirements.

“The best way to correctly mark your rocklobsters is to remove the central flap.

“If you prefer to use the hole method, you must ensure it is at least 10 mm round – a 10 mm round leather punch works best.”

Ibell said fishers were also required to ensure any rocklobsters kept met size and possession requirements.

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