US wins Hobie Fishing World Championship

AFTER three days of competition the 4th Hobie Fishing World Championship has concluded in Vinkeveen Plassen, the Netherlands, with Steve Lessard from Baton Rouge in the US crowned champion.

“Wow! What a tournament, what a world championship! I am so excited to have won. I just can’t tell everyone at home how much I thank them for their support all these years, I’m just thrilled,” said Lessard after his win.

“The competition here is just incredible. A wonderful tournament staff accommodated us in every way, thank you so much. Thank you to all of the competitors for being so courteous, working together and for the tough competition. Anyone of us could have won, it’s just that it was my day and I want to once again thank everyone who has supported me, Wow!”.

Silver Medalist was Kyle Moxen from Ontario, Canada.

“I’m lost for words right now, I held my second position. I couldn’t catch the American but I had a great time. I’d like to thanks everyone at home for all of the support it’s been awesome and I’m really happy to represent my country here and I’m sorry I didn’t bring the title home but I’m happy with my second,” Moxen said.

Having won a tournament just over two weeks ago to qualify and limited in preparation time, bronze medalist Kevin Varty from Nowra, NSW was mesmerised by his podium finish after having come from a long way back at 17th position.

“On day one of fishing I didn’t catch any fish at all and I was pretty unhappy with that. On day two I got a 76cm pike on 3lb braid and 3lb leader and that put my heart in my mouth there for a few minutes. I was panicking a bit for a while there. Then just as I got him in the net the line broke, but I had him, so that was all good,” said Varty.


2014 Hobie World Champion Steve Lessard, centre (US), flanked by runners-up Kyle Moxen of Canada (right) and Steve Varty of Australia.

Current world champion Richard Somerton from Australia started the comp well and was out in front after Day One of the 4th Hobie Fishing World Championship. On Day Two Somerton’s lead was overtaken due to a tough fishless day. He went on to finish the event outside the top ten placings.

Other members of the Australian team also fared well with Scott Baker, Jonathon Chen and Patrick McQuarrie all finishing in the top ten.

Top 10 Placings

  1. Steve Lessard USA – 364cm
  2. Kyle Moxen Canada – 274cm 
  3. Kevin Varty Australia – 206cm
  4. Edi Brader Austria – 196cm
  5. Justin Ritchey USA – 185cm
  6. Scott Baker Australia – 179cm
  7. Rob Appleby Goudberg Great Britain – 174cm
  8. Jonathon Chen Australia – 165cm
  9. Patrick McQuarrie Australia – 161cm
  10. Lars Lundberg Sweden – 157cm



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