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VIDEO: SEQ Fish passage restoration project

FOR the last three years Catchment Solutions has been part of a project that identified over 13,000 barriers to fish passage in South East Queensland in14 different catchments. Those barriers included weirs, culverts, bridge crossings, walkways, roads and tidal bunds.

Barriers were prioritised in order to develop potential remediation options that would allow fish to undertake their migratory life cycle, often between estuarine and freshwater environments. A number of sites were then selected for remediation to have fish ladders or ‘fishways’ designed and constructed as part of the project to demonstrate the effectiveness of these types of structures.

This video highlights the fishways and the monitoring that occurred post construction with extremely positive results. For further information on this project click HERE.

The project was co-funded by local councils and Reef Catchments NRM through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program. Fishway design and construction was delivered by Catchment Solutions. The viideo was produced by Kim Kleidon and edited by Jac Kotze.

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