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Beat the battery blues

THE makers of Beat 100 say it is guaranteed to double the life of your battery.

Beat 100 uses Crystal Control Technology to treat the sulphate crystals in your battery and increase its lifespan by at least 100 per cent, compared to an untreated battery. Beat 100 is for use with 12v lead acid/gel lead acid /AGM batteries (single battery operation).

The product can charge batteries faster and restore old batteries (providing there is no mechanical damage) in conjunction with a 12v charger.

The Beat 100 works by:

  • Renewing the active material in batteries; promoting the growth of fine lead dioxide crystals on positive electrodes;
  • Transforming the lead sulphate crystallised on negative electrodes into lead and sulphuric acid;
  • Reducing the formation of larger lead sulphate crystals;
  • Better protecting batteries against poor charge management

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