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Formosa announces new hull for 2016

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AUSSIE boat manufacturer Formosa has announced some big changes for 2016, including the launch of the new V2 hull. Formosa said its V2 hull is the latest advancement in hull design and offers enhanced performance and strength. Formosa claim that while the V2 maintains and continues to take advantage of its acclaimed sharp nose line, deep hull and wide beams, boaters can expect significant improvements to other areas.

According to Formosa the V2 has a sharper, more defined deadrise, provides greater trim range, a softer ride and a quicker response out of the hole, and profile adjustments have resulted in a reduction of hull drag. Formosa has also increased the floor rigidity using an under floor cell design which gives it even greater structural reinforcement. Extra side pockets have also been added to increase storage.

While an increase to the deadrise of a boat usually results in compromises to other areas of a boat’s performance, Formosa claim its new V2 Hull will see no change to beam width, no effect to stability and will still allow for a true self draining deck with scuppers, eliminating the need for a bilge pump. The V2 hull also features a new one piece aluminium bow roller that comes welded to the hull.

2016 will also see the launch of various new models in the Formosa range and several design upgrades to existing models including new bait tanks, rocket launchers and T-tops.

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