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Yamaha launches F30B

Yamaha has released the F30B, an upgraded version of its four stroke 30hp model.
Two model variants are available, the F30BEHTL and F30BETL, both feature electric start, power trim and tilt, and long shaft; the difference between the two is in the forward controls and tiller steer versions.

The Yamaha F30B is powered by a three-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 747cm³.
Yamaha said the most significant system fitted under the cowl is its ECM – controlled multi-point electronic fuel injection system. Depending on speed and load, the ECM is designed to precisely adjust air/fuel mixture and ignition timing to ensure efficient and dependable combustion.

The variable trolling switch in the tiller handle model allows the trolling speed to be adjusted between 650rpm and 900rpm in 50rpm increments.

The Yamaha F30B will accept the optional advanced digital network gauges (on models with forward controls). And for tiller steer models, the F30B is fitted with the large multi-function tiller handle with all the functions required for engine control mounted on the tiller handle.

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