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Electric outboard motors, the future of fishing

AS the shift towards electric boat motors has become apparent, local boat dealers are embracing the demand for cleaner, more sustainable options. Anglers all over the world are switching to electric boat motors such as the Torqeedo Travel 1103CS, not only because they’re ultra-quiet, but they’re also easy-to-use, low maintenance and lightweight.

Some anglers are switching to reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating the use of fossil fuels or
to maintain their access to the best fishing spots. Due to population growth and climate change,
regulations on emissions are expected to rise in the coming years.

Electric outboard motors are ideal for anglers fishing near shore waters, estruarys or freshwater
lakes & rivers with small to medium-sized boats.

Stealth is the key to success
Quietly approaching a fishing spot is one of the first tactics you learn as an angler. The silence of
Torqeedo’s electric motors
is a key success factor, allowing anglers to approach fishing spots with
the stealth required for a successful catch. This whisper-quiet operation, unlike traditional petrol
engines, prevents vibrations that could spook cautious fish in shallow waters, enhancing the angling experience.

How do electric boat engines compare?
When looking for an electric outboard, one of the first questions asked is how fast and how long it
will go. As more consumers have first-hand experience with electric cars, they naturally look to draw parallels between the marine and automotive industries.

Torqeedo’s Travel outboard offers impressive, almost instantaneous acceleration, for boats up to 1.5 tonnes. Drawing parallels with electric cars, these motors require minimal maintenance, eliminating the need for oil changes and fuel system upkeep. With lithium-ion batteries lasting 8-15 years, anglers can enjoy long-term cost savings and stability, unaffected by volatile fossil fuel prices.

Maximise your range using electric boat motors
While managing your speed is the most important variable in maximising range and runtime, the
weight of the vessel and how much tide or wind you must overcome are also critical factors. Some
factors can change quickly over a day on the water.

For anglers aiming to maximise their range, Torqeedo provides a GPS-calculated range display,
offering real-time information on speed, remaining range, watt draw, and battery charge
percentage. This feature ensures a precise understanding of energy consumption, critical for
adapting to changing conditions on the water. There’s also solar charging equipment and spare
batteries to keep you out on the water for even longer.

Catch more fish with clean, green, quiet fishing
Fishing enthusiasts can revel in a clean, quiet experience with Torqeedo’s electric motors. Free from fuel or oil, these motors eliminate pollutants that could harm marine life or contaminate fishing gear. The absence of exhaust fumes ensures a pristine environment, enhancing the connection with nature and providing an unmatched fishing experience.

When you choose an electric motor, you’re not only helping yourself catch more fish, but you’re also helping to preserve the marine ecosystem. Preserving our water quality and marine life is essential for fish to thrive, so that future generations can continue to enjoy fishing and all that goes along with it.

Torqeedo Travel 1103CS Electric Outboard on sale now
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