VIDEO: Fraser Island expedition

Another top quality ‘yak fishing video clip from Josh Holmes.

According to the maker, “This  took quite some effort to edit this clip (featuring our recent Fraser Island kayak fishing expedition) down to under the youtube limit of 10 minutes and my very first attempt had to be completely scrapped because of it.

“What I’ve cobbled together here is a highlight reel of some of the best fishing action caught from my cams and I think it’s some of my finest work yet, both in terms of filming and editing. On the down side, due to it being a relatively large clip, so to is the file size (in order to keep it in HD). So if you’re bandwidth challenged, go make a cuppa while it buffers. If you’re bandwidth starved, start it up and go and mow the lawn.”


For more of Josh’s videos check out his ‘yak specific website www.yakass.net

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