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TECHNOLOGY rules the world – the rapid pace of redesign and constant improvement of technology is a head-spinning whirlwind. So I guess it’s no real surprise that the humble boat anchor hasn’t been left out.
Back in my snapper cubing days I spent many sessions calling my anchor every four letter word under the sun after it decided to up and move in the middle of a hot bite.

Sarca take anchor design very seriously indeed, spending volumes of time testing and researching before release any of its products. The new Excel plough style 13kg anchor has been put through its paces holding firm my new 7-metre plate boat – and I must say with great success.

Being a serious fisho, the initial bite from my anchor is all-important once your boat is in position ready to drift back onto that favourite bit of reef. It all needs to happen with as little fuss as possible. With more and more artificial reefs and man made structure being set up on areas of sand and gravel, the need for a good solid anchors has never been more important. The solid one-piece design along with a sharp entry point gives great penetration and consistent hold.

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The Excel uses a larger surface area than a lot of plough style anchors and this feature gives a lot more confidence. This is all fine until you want the darn thing to pull out of the mud, however, the length of the Excel from the chain connection to the holding point gives great leverage when pulled from the opposite direction and allows for easy extractions from sticky situations.
Let’s face it, there’s a lot of faith placed in that great chunk of metal that gets tossed over the bow, the Excel delivers that kind of confidence.

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By Michael Guest

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