Greens push for more in SA

The SA Government is being urged by greens group the Wilderness Society, to resist public pressure over new marine parks and increase proposed marine park boundaries, according to an ABC report. Resistance to the South Australian marine park plan from recreational anglers, commercial fishing interests and the general public has increased with submissions about to close on the plan for 19 new marine parks across the state.

The proposal will divide the oceans into conservation and fishing zones.
Spokesperson for the Wilderness Society, Shen Dycer, says Australia has signed the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and South Australia has a responsibility to protect its marine species.
“Marine parks are great for our state and we really strongly believe that they have a whole lot of benefits, not just conservation benefits but economic benefits as well.
“We’re trying to make sure that the Government’s process delivers marine parks that garner genuine conservation outcomes and, in terms of what’s being recognised at the international level by the scientific community, that involves sanctuary zones at an absolute minimum of 10 per cent and preferably 30 per cent.”

While members of the commercial fishing industry are worried about the effect new marine parks would have on their livelihoods, SA recreational anglers are expected to be strongly represented in final submissions.


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