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Maui Jim – The Flats review

THE Flats are a new model for well-known sunglass brand, Maui Jim. They feature a rectangular shape and are available in various colours and lenses. According to Maui Jim, they suit a “medium” face.

I’m not sure if my face is “medium”, although I have been told it’s only average. Either way, I like this style of sunglasses. The best thing about a brand like Maui Jim is the enormous range. The full range are unisex and there’s literally a style and lens colour for any occasion.

When choosing a pair of sunglasses for fishing, there are a few important points to remember – the lens, the shape/style and, depending how vain you are, whether they look good.

The best sunglasses for fishing are probably the “wrap around” style. They block the most light and allow the lens work effectively. However, I find this style feels uncomfortable on my face. Others, however, prefer this style. It’s personal.

I do like this more rectangular shape and, while they do let more light in on the sides, I find I can wear them comfortably all day and they look good on and off the water.

The Flats model has quickly become my favourite pair of sunglasses. They’re light, super comfortable and effective for most type of fishing.

I opted for the Black with Tortoise frame colour in HCL Bronze. The HCL Bronze lens is fantastic for freshwater and estuary fishing. It’s a good “all-round” lens and one I’d consider if you could only own one pair of sunnies. I’ve been wearing these for about a month while fishing the estuaries from my boat, freshwater rivers in the boat and small creeks for trout. These areas typically have areas of shade and bright sun and work well across these contrasting areas of light. For the same reason, they make good everyday and driving glasses where you’ll experience a lot of changing light conditions.

The Flats feature Maui Jim’s SuperThin Glass. This provides the best optics available with 20% to 32% thinner and lighter than standard glass, and it offers the best scratch resistance.

SuperThin Glass also offers incredible clarity. Not all sunglasses are created equal and these are at the premium end for those who really care for their eyes and take fishing seriously. The clarity and choice of lens colours across Maui Jim’s full range is hard to beat.

The Flats is also available in Neutral Grey, Blue Hawaii, MAUIGreen, and Hawaii Lava lens colours.

For more details on specific lens colours, check out

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