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13 Fishing Jabber Jaw

PUSHING design and materials to their limits is what 13 Fishing has become known for.

THE 13 Fishing Jabber Jaw crankbait is no exception, combining the key attributes of a crankbait and a chatter-bait the Jabber Jaw offers anglers something the fish haven’t seen or heard before.

The first feature of the Jabber Jaw you will notice is the patented hinged bib that pivots side-to side making a bite enticing metallic clack as it hits the metal cheek plates. This pivoting bib also adds to the hunting action of the Jabber Jaw making it irresistible to predators.

The second feature you will notice is the shape of the bib. This square bib has been designed to help with snag deflecting when retrieving the lure through underwater structure. By hitting and pivoting at the same time it increases the ability to deflect off underwater structure keeping the lure in the strike-zone longer than other cranks.

The Jabber Jaw is 6cm long and comes in 2 depth models, a medium runner that dives to 1.2m and a deeper diver that will dive to 2-3m. The two different models allows anglers to use the Jabber Jaw in different situations or target more species.

Available in a wide range of colours to suit every angler’s needs and fitted with sticky sharp quality
VMC trebles you can be confident that if you tie one of these on it will handle any predator that
jumps on.

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