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3D Suicide Duck!

SAVAGE Gear’s 3D Suicide Duck is a realistic duckling top water imitation lure loaded with innovative features. Featuring a hard ABS ultra-strong body with semi soft and durable feet, the spinning feet give the lure a lively, splashing action, leaving a bubble trail and wake that calls in predatory fish.

For open water fishing, two treble hooks, one on the chest and one on the back, clipped to the body, ensures good hookup rate.

For fishing in snaggy conditions, remove the treble on the belly, the lure is designed, so it always lands on the belly with the exposed treble hook on the back.

The Suicide Duck features two different actions. Attach the line to the beak, and the lure will run with a low discrete posture, like a duckling trying to hide and escape at the same time. Attach the line to the chest and the lure will run higher, with a more panic fleeing action. The lure can be fished fast or slow, with a steady retreive or long pulls, and mimics a duckling.

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