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A Victorinox classic in a unique look.


THANKS to a special finishing process that has been applied to the blades and tools, the new Spartan PS series in black and white boasts an impressive high-end look and surface quality.

Applying a coating is a popular way to make knives and tools really stand out. However, instead of the usual black, the tools on the new Spartan PS models from Victorinox boast a special coating that looks different depending on how the light hits it, ranging from dark grey to anthracite, with a unique shimmering and mirror-smooth surface finish.

What makes this process so special is that this layer is transparent and so that a range of colour effects are produced depending on the thickness of the layer, the composition of the light spectrum and the angle of view. This allows the tools on the Spartan PS to reflect their surroundings.

According to the manufacturers, the coated high-end steel surfaces don’t age or crack, fade or flake, and the coating is safe for the environment and people.

The two blades, which are ground to a sharp and precise edge in the factory, should prove ideal for all those tasks in daily life when you really need a keen blade. It also offers a bottle opener and can opener with integral screwdrivers, a corkscrew and a reamer, punch and sewing awl, plus more useful tools besides to help you get through the pitfalls that the day throws at you – or celebrate surviving them in fine style at the end of the day. The scales also house tweezers for delicate work and a flexible toothpick. A stylish cord with the Victorinox emblem makes it even easier to lay your hands on your Spartan PS.

The compact and versatile Spartan PS is available in two versions – with either black or white Cellidor scales. Enjoy the captivating look of these skillfully crafted tools combined with the famous quality of Victorinox pocket tools.

1. large blade 

2. small blade 

3. corkscrew 

4. can opener with 

5. small screwdriver, 3 mm 

6. bottle opener with 

7. screwdriver, 5 mm 

8. wire stripper 

9. reamer, punch and sewing awl 

10. key ring 

11. tweezers 

12. toothpick 

13. cord

Size: 91 mm

The Spartan PS Swiss Army Knife has a RRP $169 and is now available in Australia. For more information visit


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