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Saku Stickdog


SAKU announces the release of the all new Saku Stickdog.

The floating Stickdog sits on the surface awaiting your rip or twitch. Alternatively. sweep the stickbait towards you and watch its action as it darts just centimeters below the water’s surface.

Meanwhile the sinking Stickdog model is good in both calm and rough conditions and may well attract the attention of predators sitting on the reef’s edge.

When using both models, an erratic motion mixed with the flash of colours are sure to entice aggressive species including GTs, tuna, kingfish and mackerel to name a few.

Available in  160 mm or 180 mm, the Stickdog comes with a one piece stainless welded wire and 5X saltwater grade treble hook. It also comes in six fish-catching colours: white red head, pink foil, pink purple head, black and gold, pilchard and white ghost.

For more information, click HERE.

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