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Fishhunter 3D portable depth sounder

FISHHUNTER Directional 3D is a completely portable fish finder that packs the power of five tri-frequency transducers into a sonar that fits in your pocket. The unit features exclusive patented technology to allow you to see picture quality renderings of bottom contour up to 160ft below the surface and up to 200ft away.

The sonar floats on the surface of the water and can be cast out or trolled behind your boat where it tracks water temperature, water depth, bottom contour and fish locations.

Fishhunter 3D provides anglers with unique sonar view options including…

Directional casting which tells you where to cast in relation to the sounder
Bathymetric mapping using GPS to create new maps
3D mapping of bottom contours makes it easy to interpret the bottom and detect structure.

Fishhunter 3D also uses Wifi to connect which is 4x faster than Bluetooth making it the ideal gift for your fishing friends and relatives!

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