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Halco unveils the Trembler 70XS


HALCO has introduced the brand new Trembler 70XS, the smallest and newest member of the Halco Trembler family.

The Trembler 70XS is a virtually indestructible bibless minnow that can be cast, jigged or trolled for outstanding results on a wide variety of tropical and temperate sportfish. It is suitable for a retrieval speed of up to 6 knots and a swimming depth of 2.5m.

The lure is offered in both clear bodied and traditional painted colours as well. The clear versions show off the detailed internal scale pattern, but the real kicker is in the hooks.

Most small vibrating lures will only work with very light trebles, making it pretty dicey on tougher and larger species like barramundi. Our Mustad hooks are a fine gauge for great penetration but also forged and very strong for their size – obviously a major benefit.

Its narrow vertical profile allows the lure to sink quickly in fast flowing water, allowing for more precise presentation to fish holding in structure.

It weighs 16 grams and is 70mm in length. Heavy duty Halco Fish Rings and #4 forged Mustad trebles are standard equipment on the 70XS.

The Trembler 70XS is available in nine of your favorite colours, including R34, R35, R42, R47, R48, H51, H82, H85 and H86.

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