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Mako Oil


MAKO Oil’s key ingredient fish oil was used throughout history for preserving and protection of leather, timber and metals. With a natural lubricating ability, fish oil was used in hydraulics long before synthetic and crude oil substances were invented as it will not damage rubber fittings, hoses, and so on.

Mako oil is a byproduct of food production; the left over frames of filleted fish are compressed to obtain the oil. It was developed in Far North Queensland in 1995 at Mission Beach to address rust, corrosion and lubrication issues that the humidity and salt water pose to moving parts and metals.

Fisho has been using a can of Mako Oil for the past few months to spay on moving parts of the EzyTow Trailer. Keeping these parts lubricated is a wise move in the longterm and Mako Oil has done a fantastic job so far, stopping rust and keeping these parts functional.

It was also used on the garage door, an old fridge seal and on a squeaky bathroom door hinge, proving Mako Oil is much more than just a boating product.

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