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TT Lures NedlockZ – new colours

TT Lures NedlockZ, stand up jighead is now available in two new colours, chartreuse and orange.

WITH the growing popularity of the Ned Rig in Australia, a US finesse technique that has exploded in popularity in the US, the TT Lures NedlockZ, ‘mushroom’ style stand up jighead is now available in two new colours, chartreuse and orange.

Originally available in black and green pumpkin colours, anglers were, according to the manufacturers, looking for a couple of strike trigger colours.  Chartreuse and orange were chosen because they are popular highlight colours on other lures, such as hard bodies and blades, and the perfect fit for pairing up with plastics to attract fish and trigger strikes. The orange is also great for teaming up with natural-coloured plastics, such as the “greasy prawn” coloured ZMan 2.5” TRD CrawZ, to create a saltwater yabby imitation when fishing around yabby beds.

The NedlockZ jighead combines with the buoyancy of ZMan’s 10X Tough ElaZtech plastics to create a presentation that is either fleeing when retrieved, or rapidly standing up vertically in a feeding or defensive pose when paused, much like a crab, shrimp or yabby throwing its claws up to defend itself and in turn triggering a strike from predatory species.

The NedlockZ are built on heavy duty, Mustad UltraPoint black nickel, chemically-sharpened hooks,which also feature the ‘head lock’ grub keeper to better secure your soft plastics in place.

Available in black, green pumpkin, chartreuse and orange colours, NedlockZ are available in four weights 1/15 oz 2H, 1/10 oz 1H, 1/6 oz 1H and 1/5 oz 1H, with 5 per pack and a SRP of $9.95.

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