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CLICK HERE to find out how you can win a pair of the new Jo Mirror polarised sunnies from Tonic Eyewear!

TONIC Eyewear says that with great clarity and optics the new Mirrors look and feel fantastic. With copper based green and grey based red and silver, Tonic has a broad range of water types covered. Tonic’s Mirrors offer high definition glare reduction and deliver high contrast in low light conditions which is important when fishing. The mirror itself has been applied inside the lens and cannot be scratched off.

The Jo range takes casual wearing to a new level with a sleek and modern frame and the clarity of Tonic’s custom designed Slicelens. Ideal for the casual observer, these stylish sunglasses will cut through glare and increase clarity to ensure that you never miss a moment both on and off the water.

Plus all Tonic Eyewear styles feature:

  • Polarisation: With Tonic Eyewear’s lenses anglers have polarisation and our custom made light filtration system that delivers clarity and colour enhancement. The Tonic Gen2 range features all new filter systems that now deliver enhanced light transmittance and colour separation.
  • Crystalite Glass: Tonic is the only fishing sunglass in Australia using Crystalite Glass, the clearest glass lens currently available. Our Gen2 range now features the remarkable Slicelens. At only 1.3mm and 60% lighter in weight than the industry norm, the Slice is the thinnest and lightest polarised glass lens ever made.
  • Decentration: Tonic makes each lens decentred which is important for viewing true depth and true distance. Decentring eliminates prism or the feeling that you are losing footing when you are walking through streams and over rocks.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Tonic has an anti-reflective coating applied to the back surface of the lens to reduce reflective glare or “bounce back” to the pupil.

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