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Shimano Bomb Dip 170F Flash Boost

DESIGNED to target aggressive surface feeding predators such as tuna, kingfish, and GTs, Shimano’s Bomb Dip 170F Flash Boost generates a loud pop sound with a deep bass, ensuring it captures the attention of nearby predators.

The size, depth, shape, and angle of the cup have been designed to produce a distinctive popping sound that is irresistible to fish. Furthermore, the lure’s gourd-shaped body and weight balance prevent rolling, ensuring optimal stability and reducing the risk of mis actions. 

Equipped with the innovative Flash Boost mechanism, the Bomb Dip 170F continues to entice even when the lure action is paused. The flash boost produces sparkling light reflections within the lure’s translucent body, effectively attracting predators from all ranges. Additionally, the bubble chamber design creates a trail of finely sparkling bubbles, further enhancing its appeal to aggressive feeders. 

For anglers seeking maximum casting distance, the Jet Boost technology incorporated into the Bomb Dip 170F is a game-changer. The centre of gravity moving weight, supported by a penetrating shaft and spring, ensures a stable long cast and a quick swim start. This allows anglers to cover a larger area and increase their chances of success without alarming their targets. 

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