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Shimano Spouts new Ocea popper

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SHIMANO’S Ocea Spouter looks pretty much like your standard cup faced surface popper, but an internal chamber behind the face squirts a rooster tail of spray out behind the lure’s head as it is swept through the water.

The principle is not unlike the front of a jet engine on a plane, being narrow in the front and then widening internally. The internal chamber also aerates the water, creating even more whitewater and commotion than a standard cup faced popper.

With a low down tow point, it is also a lot easier to work than a conventional cup-faced popper and therefore gives lots more “pop” for far less effort. With the correct amount of rod movement, it can also be made to jerk and dive, not unlike a stickbait.

Heavy-duty in-line single hooks rigged on 150lb breaking strain split rings means the Ocea Spouter is all about big fish!

Available in 120 and 150mm, with casting weights of 52 and 94gm respectively, and five colours ranging from clear through to multi-shaded.

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