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XRAP goes silly deep!

MONSTERS lurk in the deep, and now there’s a lure that will go down there and meet them face to face, as Rapala introduce the XRap Magnum 40 to their popular XRMAG range of high speed trolling minnows. If you’ve ever thrown lures behind the boat looking for mackerel, tuna, wahoo or any other bluewater predator, chances are you’ve already used an XRap Magnum.

Now the new XRap Magnum 40 goes where no other XRap has gone before, reaching depths of 40ft (12m) easily, unlocking new ground and new avenues to target the ocean’s largest predators. An increased body size of 20cm gives this lure a large profile, appealing to hungry predators looking for an easy meal.

Rapala says  its committed to making the world’s best hardbodied lures, the new XRMAG 40 offers unmatched swimming accuracy, tracking straight and deep even up to speeds exceeding 12 knots. Available in 12 of Rapala’s holographic and UV colours.

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