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REVIEW: Halco Max 190

I’VE been using Halco’s bibless Max 130 for some time now, mostly high speed spinning from NSW & QLD rock ledges. It’s essentially a heavy, fast sinking, high speed vibe type lure – perfect for pelagics. The moment I first used this lure I knew it was going to be a hit amongst the land based game spinning fraternity due to it’s small profile, weight and ease of casting into stiff headwinds.

Since then, thousands of fish have been taken on these lures from the rocks – including big mackerel, tuna, kingfish and various types of trevally. However, it’s only recently that I’ve discovered how versatile these lures can be while using the 130′s new big brother, the Max 190.

The Max 190 is basically an up-scaled version of the Max 130 with an almost identical action. The Max 190 is made from a tough plastic material featuring heavy gauge wire tow points. The Max 190 measures in at 190mm (7.5 inches) in length and weighs 163 grams (5.75 ounces) coming pre-rigged with 7/0 inline single hooks, therefore, it’s more suited to trolling in open water and casting and jigging around structure both offshore and inshore on heavier tackle; which is exactly how I have used it. This lure is also extremely loud with several internal rattles and given the Max already utilizes a violent vibrating action, it doesn’t go unnoticed!

The Max 190 casts like a bullet on heavier popping/casting tackle, which is very useful when casting to tuna boiling just beneath the surface and other fish such as wahoo lurking around FADs. The Max 190 also sinks extremely quickly and is highly effective with a quick lift and wind technique when fished around structure and baitballs deeper in the water column targeting fish such as trevally on medium to heavy jigging gear.

It can also be tossed out the back and trolled up to 20 knots where it will swim just beneath the prop wash, which is great when exploring new ground and moving between spots. Given these trolling attributes, the Max 190 has fast become a standout lure trolling for big tuna this past winter. The relatively new Halco Max 190 is not only a highly versatile lure spanning various techniques and species – it’s already a proven fish catcher!

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By Patrick Linehan (Image: Peter Zeroni)

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