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Bite Science Soft Plastics review

THESE days it’s difficult to choose between soft plastics. Most tackle shop walls are lined with hundreds of varieties. There are different shapes, colours, scents and more. It’s confusing.

Bite Science is a new player on the market with a down to earth selection of colours and a well-thought-out range that covers all bases. Best of all, they’re quite affordable with prices ranging from $7.95 to $10.95. If you lose some, and you will, it won’t hurt so much.

The range includes seven tail designs that are unrigged, while the remainder are pre-rigged. I’ve predominately been using the small pre-rigged versions to chase local trout and bass. The Thump Shade Rigged 3” in particular is a life-like shad or minnow style plastic pre-rigged and weighing 7/16oz with a 1/0 hook. It would also make a great lure for chasing finicky saltwater fish such as Australian salmon.

The unrigged varieties are perfect for a wide range of species, from bream to kingfish. The Kick Minnow 2” is a perfect little paddle tail design, recommended to be used with a 1/16oz #2 jig head. For something larger, the Bunker Buster 6” is a large curl tail design with Trigger Scent and designed for a 3/8oz #5/0 hook. Perfect size and design for big flatties, mulloway, kings and practically anything in tropical waters.

Bite Science also has its Jerk Minnow design for faster retrieves chasing fish such as kingfish, snapper or small pelagics. Another similar design is the Mad Minnow 4”. The Watermelon colour with Squid Scent would make a versatile plastic for most estuary fish or for that finesse approach to smaller pelagics. And for something different, there’s a creature bait style design called the Creepy Critter. The Creepy Critter features Squid Scent.

Interestingly, most of the colours are realistic and proven fish catchers. These include UV Bloodworm, Radioactive, Watermelon, UV Smelt, Greenback herring and more. You won’t find too many bright colours in the range. These are designed to catch fish, not fishos.

While these plastics aren’t indestructible against toothy critters, so far I have found them to be quite resilient. They’re also packaged nicely, so no bent tails before opening the packet!

Bite Science also has a range of jjgheads to suit the new plastics. The Substrike jigheads are built with BKK hooks and are available in eight sizes, with the recommended jigheads shown on the soft plastics packaging.

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