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Suzuki announces growth strategy for FY2030

SUZUKI Motor Corporation announced its Growth Strategy for FY2030.

With the motto to deliver “value-packed products” by focusing on the customer, Suzuki will carry out its unique Growth Strategy for FY2030 by operating under the principle of manufacturing “Sho-Sho-Kei-Tan-Bi (Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, Beauty)”, “Lean Management” which emphasises flexibility, agility, and the challenging spirit, and the “Three Actuals” principle, which omits impracticality and focuses on the actual place, thing, and situation.

Outline of the Growth Strategy For FY2030, Suzuki will contribute to the realisation of a carbon neutral society and the economic growth of emerging countries such as India, ASEAN, and Africa, with our main business regions, Japan, India, and Europe, as the core. Suzuki will focus on creating solutions that are unique to Suzuki, which are to develop products and services focused on the customer, and grow along with the operating countries and regions.

Major Initiatives for FY2030 Based on the target date set by each government, Suzuki aims to achieve carbon neutrality in Japan and Europe by 2050 and in India by 2070. Suzuki will continue to strive to achieve our carbon neutral goals for each region, based on our mindset to expand our customers’ choices and deliver products and services that meet the needs of each region. ~

Outboard motors

For small outboard motors that are often used in lakes and rivers, we will introduce battery EVs in FY2024. Suzuki plans to launch five models by FY2030 with a battery EV ratio of 5%. For large outboard motors used in the ocean, Suzuki is considering adopting carbon neutral fuels.


Suzuki will challenge to achieve carbon neutrality of domestic plants in FY2035. Suzuki is promoting the Suzuki Smart Factory Creation by drawing out how manufacturing should be in 2030, so it continues to become a company that secures people’s means of mobility worldwide. By combining Suzuki’s principle of manufacturing “Sho-Sho-Kei-Tan-Bi (Smaller, Fewer, Lighter, Shorter, Beauty)” with digitalisation, Suzuki will optimise, minimise, and simplify the flow of data, things, and energy. Through these initiatives, we will become lean and tackle for carbon neutrality.

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