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FlipRocks sandals review


OVER the years, rock fishos have been criticised and hounded by the media about safety and the need to wear a lifejacket when fishing the ocean rocks. As a rock fisherman for over 40 years and having been washed off myself, I totally agree on the consensus of safety on the rocks.

Interestingly, there is one glaring thing that the naysayers have missed, and that is: footwear used when rock fishing. Countless times, I’ve witnessed blokes wearing thongs, gumboots and even big heavy work boots while fishing the rocks. Even more scary, the sight of parents with their kids walking around and fishing the rocks bare-footed.

A few months back I was watching the ET fishing show when I noticed he was wearing sandals like nothing I had seen before. After some investigating, I caught up with Hamish Lorimer – the distributor of FlipRocks. I mentioned to Hamish my concerns regarding the safety aspect of wearing sandals on green slippery weed, Hamish was very gracious of my questioning and explained how his sandals are different.

As our conversation unfolded, I told him I was still fishing the rocks and asked if I could trial a pair of the sandals to see if they were as good as ET said they were. Hamish agreed, now five months later I am writing my thoughts on this “must-have” accessory to fish the rocks safely.

The sandals are made from top quality rubber with high grade marine Velcro strapping that secures your foot snugly into the sandal. The sole is where the shoe steps out of the realm of the normal and into the realm of unique. When looking under the non-skid sole there are two patches one in the front and one on the heal of the sandal. By working one of the pads corners up, you can remove the flap which then exposes the Velcro. The sandals come with front and rear pads that have stainless steel spikes fitted to them.

A big plus with the sandals is that it gets rid of the need to take rock plates or rubber spiked booties in your already heavy pack. With the FlipRocks, all you need are the four spiked pads (which weigh next to nothing). At the days end, swap the pads back over and walk out.

I know what you’re thinking: “Won’t I stub my toes wearing sandals on the rocks or through the scrub?” The answer is: No! Owing to the raised toe section in the front of the shoe, making it virtually impossible to kick your toe.

FlipRocks also come in a thong configuration with the same pads. Extra pads can be ordered depending on your style of fishing (i.e. kayaking, boating, rock fishing or hiking). While the shoes are not cheap, they are top quality. And more importantly, what price do you put on your life? These shoes are really worth a good look.

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