Lip Gripper

A CHANCE visit to Culburra Bait and Tackle, on the NSW South Coast, gave me the opportunity to review a fish grabbing device that won’t send you broke.

The Lip Gripper or Econo Lipper is a great value for money item for your tackle box. I have never bothered to buy a device like this before because of the cost and my ability to lose gear over the side of my 14-foot tinnie or kayak.

This particular “gripper” comes with an adjustable wrist strap, a non slip rubber grip, tough ABS handles and is corrosion resistant. The jaws are stainless steel and they incorporate a set of scales, which weigh up to 50lb (not certified). There is also a set of these Lip Grippers that have a scale that weighs up to 15lb.

The spring in the scales is of premium stainless steel quality. The gripper comes with a 12 month limited warranty.

Recently I caught a nice jewfish, and my fishing buddy Rick Jones had a very expensive pair of Lip Grippers with scales incorporated. We checked to see if my $30 pair was accurate compared to his more expensive pair and they both weighed the fish at exactly 10kg. At a RRP of $29.95 these are good value for money.

Contact: Dave Clarke at Clarkes Tackle: 0401 966 545   

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