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Shimano Sephia Clinch Long Appeal

SHIMANO has announced the release of its latest innovation in egi technology – the Sephia Clinch Long Appeal.

Traditional shallow-type jigs have long struggled with limited cast distances and fast sinking rates. However, Shimano’s Sephia Clinch Long Appeal defies these limitations by incorporating a jet boost mechanism and a centre of gravity movement system. This innovative design enables anglers to achieve an average flight distance of 52 meters, surpassing all expectations. 

One of the key advantages of the Sephia Clinch Long Appeal is its slow fall capability. With a sinking speed of approximately 7.4 seconds/m, this egi offers a fall rate slower than that of general shallow-type jigs. This feature is particularly effective when targeting wary spring squid as it allows anglers to present the jig with a tantalizingly slow descent. 

The Sephia Clinch Long Appeal slow fall also enables anglers to explore shallow weed beds while being land based with ease. It provides the opportunity to meticulously present the jig to large squid, even in situations where the tide flow is slow.  

Furthermore, the Sephia Clinch Long Appeal boasts exceptional action response. It retains the superior performance of the Clinch series, allowing for precise actions of the rod and supporting a variety of actions, including continuous wind with wiggles and high jumps with sharp vertical jerks. This versatile Egi strikes a balance between fall rate and action response, offering anglers an outstanding tool for successful squidding. 


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