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Matching the hatch

Matching the hatch is a term used for replicating a food item with an artificial lure or fly. Pat Linehan has some tips on selecting the correct lure for those starting out.


“Matching the hatch” should begin by looking for tell-tale signs of prey to help narrow down what your target species is likely to be feeding on. The best anglers constantly assess the conditions and rely on past experience and knowledge of an area before tying on a lure.


Lure Profile/Action

Once you have a good idea of what your target species is feeding on, it’s then essential to select a lure that closely matches the physical profile of the suspected prey. It’s also important to find a lure that copies the action of the prey while considering the lures ability to be fished where you want it to be in the water column, for example surface or sub-surface.


Lure Colour

I’m not too sure lure colour matters all that much. However, I find it’s always a good idea to carry lures in the following colour options: clear or opaque colours; solid colours; and flashy/reflective colours. This helps to better match the bait on the day and also the conditions you’re fishing. For example, you might be better to fish a bright, solid coloured lure that stands out in dirty water despite the prey being opaque or flashy.


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