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Spinning softies off the stones

While I enjoy fishing for its serenity as much as anyone else, it’s the periods of manic activity that create those classic fishing memories. A perfect cast leading to big visual strikes and line tearing off the spool at a rate of knots results in excitement all round. These moments are short lived and always well deserved when it comes to LBG spinning.

When you think about it, sight casting from the rocks is a ridiculous sport. Long walks, low catch rates and physically draining days mean you soon learn to make the most out of tough conditions. The beauty of a sunrise over the ocean or simply seeing the vast array of wildlife this country has to offer, both on land and in water, are side benefits that any keen LBG exponent learns to appreciate.

All that said, this style of fishing is based on pure excitement. You have long periods of meditative inactivity broken up by moments of wild action. Sight casting at gamefish off the rocks is intense – to succeed you need focus, attitude, skill and luck. To me, it ranks right up there with fishing with a machete. It’s a blast.

Patrick Lineham

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