Midnight Fishing

There’s something special about bass, a tough fighter native to eastern flowing creeks, streams and rivers. For many anglers, the appeal of bass lies in no small part to the environment in which the fish lives. This can take on a whole new perspective when you target these feisty sportsters in the black of night. The elevated heartbeat, the strange sounds, the heightened senses and the unmistakable adrenalin rush as your surface lure is inhaled amidst a crashing implosion of water all add to the appeal.

Night fishing for bass along overgrown riverbanks isn’t for everyone. It carries inherent dangers and requires specific skills and equipment. The rewards, however, make these midnight sorties an experience any die-hard bass angler should not miss out on.

Like many of you guys, I’m a fishaholic, no excuse required day or night. From a young age I was addicted to the nocturnal side of bass fishing. Countless nights were spent casting Jitterbugs into the inky blackness of the upper Shoalhaven River.

Chris Cleaver

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