2015 Secret Women’s Business Comp

CROCS were not the only hazard 133 women had to contend with at this year’s Secret Women’s Business Barra Challenge held on the Northern Territory’s Corroboree Billabong…

Bushfire smoke and fog covered the normally picturesque waterway and those ladies keen to make it to their favourite fishing spots were launching their boats from 5am and making the slow journey with minimal or no visibility.

Reports of a large snake in a boat and a croc attack on a tinny set the scene for the two days of difficult fishing in this annual women’s only competition.
It was a tough fish for the ladies with only 41 of the 133 competitors landing scoring fish. It wasn’t tough for every team though, with two teams reaching scores of over a thousand points each leaving a large margin with the rest of the field of 40 competing boats.

An impressive individual ranking of 871 points for Tash Rammers of “Skirts Ditchin’ Work” declared her the champion angler. Tash’s hard work and effort paid off as she skippered her team  members Kathryn Fuller and Ella Patterson to a fantastic win scoring a whopping 1608 points and the title of champion team. This team have also scored themselves the privilege of an automatic entry to the 2016 Barra Nationals tournament held on the Daly River next April giving them an opportunity to match it with some of the best tournament barra anglers from around the country.
A series of crocodile incidents did little to deter my team “Finnatics” from achieving Runner up champion team on 1122 points. The anxious moment of running over a 4+metre croc and retrieving the remains of a crocodile chewed Reidy’s lucifer were no match for the scars of a croc bite that now grace the side of my 4.4 hornet trophy. The entire Finnatics team, consisting of myself, Dee Cox and Roma Dainius worked consistently hard and were rewarded with all being individually ranked in the top 10 anglers for the competition.
Competitors travelled from NSW, QLD and WA to have their chance of landing the target species of Barra and Saratoga and visiting team Barefoot and Busted ranked in a reputable 5th place overall with team mate Teagan Ackerman ranked in 9th place individually.

inline_30_ Cox from Finnatics spotlighting on Corroboree Billabong through smoke and fog_966D31C0-625C-11E5-989F0608AF67722B.jpg


ABOVE: Dee Cox from Finnatics spotlighting on Corroboree Billabong through smoke and fog.

Top 10 Teams

  1. Skirts Ditchin’ Work 1608

  2. Finnatics 1122

  3. Scoop It 624

  4. Silver Caviar 597

  5. Barefoot and Busted 487

  6. OMG-WTF?! 459

  7. Sister Act 423

  8. Reel R n R 316

  9. Bad Ass Barra Boozers 271



    On Strike 267



Top 10  Anglers

  1. Tash Rammers 871

  2. Kathryn Fuller 587

  3. Roxsean (Rocky) Edwards 486

  4. Jemma Brieffies 469

  5. Danielle (Dee) Cox 393

  6. Kerryanne Martin 348

  7. Shana Shevencko 279

  8. Kylie Wilkie 267

  9. Teagan Ackerman 267

  10.  Roma Dainius 243

inline_924_ Ditchin Work_A7893AD0-625C-11E5-989F0608AF67722B.jpg


ABOVE: The winning team Skirts Ditchin’ Work. Left to right – Kathryn Fuller, Tash Rammers and Ella Patterson.

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