Shark fisho makes headlines

A QUEENSLAND-based beach shark specialist is making headlines today with news of his impressive land-based captures.

According to a report on Channel 7 news, Muggeridge caught a 3.86-metre tiger shark, a 3.78-metre great hammerhead and a 2.7-metre bull shark all during one week on the NSW North Coast.

Talking about the 3.86m tiger shark, the 19 year old said: “The shore dump was horrible as I wrestled this shark removing the hook and implanting a tag before sending it on its way.”

The following day, Muggeridge caught a 2.7-metre female bull shark only 10 metres off the beach.

“This was my PB bull, which hit a bait in no more that 1m of water,” Muggeridge said.

Muggeridge was also lucky enough to land a 3.78-metre hammerhead shark.

“Just as I had finished pouring a bowl of Milo cereal, it screamed out! Being glass conditions as soon as the hooks were engaged I saw a monster dorsal fin out in the horizon.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better first few nights on the sand to start our season, coming so close to the triple crown!!”.

Muggeridge tags and releases all his sharks and uses 24/0 circle hooks.

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