50 Things to love about fishing

WITH Valentine’s Day done and dusted for another year (phew), it might be time to think about your other true love – fishing.

If you sat down and started to list all the things you love about fishing you might be surprised how quickly the list adds up! Below are 50 things we came up with in a flash.

What about you? Let us know some of the things you really like about fishing.
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50 Things to love about fishing

  1. Seeing the sunrise
  2. Being outdoors
  3. Seeing the sunset
  4. Not being at work
  5. Exploring new locations
  6. Cool gear
  7. Talking about fishing
  8. Camping
  9. Catching more fish than your mate
  10. Playing with tackle
  11. Saving your favourite snagged lure/fly
  12. A hookup first cast
  13. Early morning coffee
  14. Pre-trip banter on the road 
  15. Anticipation
  16. A cold beer after a day’s fishing
  17. The sound of screaming reels
  18. Peace and quiet
  19. Fish busting up
  20. Packing for a trip
  21. Doing a perfect cast
  22. Loud surface strikes
  23. The buzz of cicadas
  24. Perfecting a difficult knot
  25. Fishing on a deserted river
  26. Campfires
  27. Cool boats
  28. Christening a new outfit
  29. Sounders
  30. The first cast of the day
  31. Poppers
  32. Being invited to a secret spot
  33. Taking photos
  34. Casting at snags
  35. Eating fish you’ve caught
  36. Old fishing magazines
  37. Exploring new water
  38. Taking kids fishing
  39. Summer nights
  40. Tailing fish
  41. Fish that jump
  42. Old fellas outfishing young fellas
  43. Stalking fish
  44. Metal jigs getting crunched
  45. A deserted boat ramp
  46. Kayak fishing
  47. The smell of sea air
  48. Marlin
  49. Baitcasters
  50. Exotic destinations

What do you love about fishing?

What's your reaction?

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