Angel ring saves a life on NSW South Coast

Image: NSW RFA

AN Angel Ring installed at Bombo headland has saved a life recently when an experienced fisho was swept off the ledge by a wave.

“A big thank you to you guys that put the Angel Rings at rock fishing spots.

“While fishing for drummer at the northern side of Bombo headland last week, my friend Steven and myself were hit by two close together freak waves. On the first wave, I was close to the edge and was pushing Steven back against the water force that came from behind us – I had rock cleats on.

“The second wave came at us with greater force and it knocked my feet from out under myself, pushed me along the rocks and over about a 2.4 metre drop into what we call the washing machine.

“When I surfaced I was dragged out to sea about 20 metres. Steven had no idea where I was and when he saw me he was in shock. I yelled that I had rope in the car that was parked about 30 metres away.

“He ran to get it and while he was on the way back I noticed the angel ring around the corner. I yelled out to grab the angel ring and tie the rope onto it which he did.

“He then threw the ring out and I grabbed it and we waited for a lull before attempting to get up the rocks. Steven yelled out to try now and we managed to get back in with some difficulty climbing the rock wall as I am heavier than him but I was lucky to have good rock shoes on as well. Steven showed what a champion bloke he was even while in shock. 

“I returned the angel ring to the post and I am grateful that you guys had one there to help in the rescue of myself. 

“I always fish this spot in a full length farmer John wetsuit and that helps me as well.

“Once again a big thank you.”

Shane and Steven

More information about the program can be found on the angel ring website.

Article courtesy of the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW (RFANSW).

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