Anger as Pipeline Project progresses

IN disturbing news for groups opposed to the construction of a pipeline on the Macquarie River in western NSW, Fisho has learnt that the NSW Government appears to have given the project a green light.

The controversial pipeline when completed will facilitate the pumping of water to the Orange township from a section of the Macquarie River known for healthy populations of native fish including endangered trout cod, Murray cod and golden perch. As a result concerned angling groups and local residents have rallied long and hard against this pipeline proposal.
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The project which consists of a pipline of approximately 40 kilometres in length, pumping stations, transmission line and associated infrastructure is now at “Recommendation Made” stage according to the NSW Government’s Planning & Infrastructure website.

Those opposed to the construction say water will be pumped from the Macquarie in times of drought when river levels are at their lowest resulting in catastrophic damage to the river’s ecosystem and its fish and aquatic animal poulations.

Concerns have also been expressed that water pumped from the Macquarie will be used to supply new and existing mines in the region which will put even more stress on the river, resulting in an environmental disaster.

Fisho has spoken to recreational anglers who have have rallied long and hard against the pipeline proposal. While thoroughly disappointed with the outcome they are angry that organised Green groups have shown no interest in opposing this controversial project.

The only hope now for those opposed to the pipeline is that federal Environment Minister Tony Burke steps in to halt the project over concerns about threats to the aforementioned endangered species. (Read related story)

Fingers crossed…

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