Aussie launches iPhone lure app

A KEEN Aussie fisho has designed an iPhone app which helps fishos choose lures for different species and conditions.

The brainchild of Sydney-based computer programmer Anthony Williams, iLure has been 13 months in the making. Williams told Fisho the idea for the app came to him one day when he first tried to lure fish instead of using bait and found the process of choosing a lure fairly daunting.

He says iLure is designed to take out the complexities of choosing lures by getting the user, to enter in the conditions they are fishing in and the target species. iLure will then present a list of lures that will be ideal for the day’s fishing. iLure provides information about each lure, provided by the manufacturer and gives you an insight into the lure, and also instructions on how to work the lure for the best results. The list of features goes on with iLure providing a virtual tackle box which not only allows users to add in thier own lures as well as those provided by manufacturers. The entire tackle box can be searched for the right lure to use within seconds. Armed with the right tools for the job, all users need to do then is find where the fish are hiding.

iLure features:
– Virtual Tackle box
– Online Updating
– Decides the best lure for your selected conditions
– Weather and water selections
– Localised target fish selections

Lure suppliers list:
– Rapala
– Damiki
– Pontoon 21
– Shimano
– Squidgie
– PureFishing
– Sebile
– Halco
And More

To date there are a total of 86 Lures in the iLure-AUS version acoming weeks and will be kept up to date so anglers will have access to the latest and greatest lures.

Check it out at the iTunes store here:

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