Avoid “breakaway” floats


NSW DPI is running a campaign to remind anglers not to use “breakaway” floats such as polystyrene foam and balloons as these products contribute to marine litter.

It is recognised that the use of pieces of foam as floats is a particular issue during mackerel season on the north coast. The resulting litter after the foam “breaks away” from the line is not a good look for the recreational fishing sector.

Balloons used for a range of fishing scenarios also cause pollution problems.

Using purpose designed floats is the best way to go if you’re using live or dead baits for a range of species including mackerel, tuna, kingfish, marlin and sharks.

However, DPI Fisheries would be interested to hear if you have any good ideas for alternative float systems.

They have sent advisory brochures and posters to some of our offices and local tackle shops. Keep your eye out for them.

In the meantime, tell your friends to do the right thing and avoid using breakway floats!

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