BFCA issue warning about voting Green

According to the Boating and Fishing Council of Australia a vote for any political party preferencing the Greens is a vote for further lockouts in marine areas.

The Boating and Fishing Council of Australia (BFCA) today warned all recreational fishers and boaters around the country that it was increasingly looking like a vote for any candidate preferencing Greens at any federal or state election, was a vote for large scale marine lockouts as fringe environmental groups declare war on recreational anglers and boaters nation wide.

National Spokesperson Dean Logan commented, “The current situation is dire and arguably the worst the recreational fishing and boating sector has faced in recent memory.

“The last 3 years have seen the recreational fishing and boating sector under unprecedented attack from cashed up fringe international based environmental groups.

“On top of this we now see the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA) advocating the implementation of 20 additional no-take marine parks around the Victorian coastline on the back of a ‘desk top study’.

“The study is not only a Green attack on rec-fishing, it’s embarrassingly flawed as the numbers don’t add up.

“For instance if you take into account the current numbers of boat registrations, statistics on usage and marry these with the volumes of fish VNPA claim Victorian recreational fishers take, the boats simply wouldn’t return to shore as they would sink under the sheer weight of fish caught.”

The Boating and Fishing Council of Australia is a national representative alliance for the marine, recreational fishing, trade and tackle, outboard and boating sectors and was established to address a continual disregard toward boating and its recreational fishing interests.

Logan continued, “Our respective sectors are under increasing pressure and yet duly comply with the myriad of state and federal marine and environmental based laws that are considered worlds best practice.

“Moreover, 32 environment groups drafted a media release on 21 June 2010 arguing that large no-take marine zones around Australia would prevent a Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster. What they omitted to elaborate on is how fishing and boating families drill for oil. Puzzling!

“It is increasingly clear that recreational fishers and boaters in Australia must be very careful who they vote for at any federal or state election. Those that do preference deals with the Greens must be weeded out and exposed for their anti recreational fishing and boating stance,” concluded Logan.

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