Boswell: Pew’s no-take agenda alive & well

The agenda of US based environmental group Pew Charitable Trust to turn 972,000 square kilometres of the Coral Sea into a “no-take” zone is alive and well, according to Nationals Senator Ron Boswell. In November last year the Coral Sea Conservation Zone was declared after a disallowance motion was defeated.

“The twisted analysis by Pew of the cost of policing a no-take zone versus a 30 percent zone only proves that their plan for the destruction of fishing is still in play.”

“Pew has consistently stated that they would like to see the Coral Sea turned into a no-take zone and the research they have released attempts to move the debate in that direction,” Boswell said.

“This continual interference by Pew in pushing their extremist agenda is undermining the confidence of stakeholders in the Bioregional planning process put in place by the Howard Government to profile the entire Eastern Bio-region.”

“The price of policing a no-take zone in the Coral Sea is nothing compared to the cost to the community from the loss of the fishing industry to the Coral Sea region.”

Boswell refers to a media release from Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett in May last year when he stated “Acknowledging the concerns of stakeholders, the Conservation Zone I am announcing today will not impact on existing commercial, recreational or traditional indigenous fishing, or cruise and merchant shipping in the area.?

“It will be interesting to see how the Minister reacts to this latest research from Pew so that we will see whether he is taking his riding instructions from the extremist green movement on this issue.” said Boswell.

The fishing communities affected by Coral Sea Conservation Zone should rightly be suspicious of Pew?s figures that hide a more sinister agenda.”

“A no-take zone will not only hurt recreational and commercial fishing, but also the charter boat industry that relies heavily on the Coral Sea region.”

“This latest development shows that you cannot give a group like Pew an inch without them trying to take a yard.”

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