Bream success down to Murphie’s lure

Most fishos have a dream fish they hope to one day tangle with. Whether that dream is as far reaching as a thousand pound marlin, a 10kg snapper or a 20kg jewie, or something more easily achievable like a second lure caught bream, it’s nice to have goals. Even better when you achieve them …

Well, if a 50cm bream was the benchmark for his second ever lure caught bream, Sydney fisho Glen Murphie can now tick that one off the list. Fishing with guide Greg Reid of Bay & Basin Sportfishing last Saturday, Murphie hooked a honker of a bream in less than two metres of water at St Georges Basin. The fish had scoffed a pink Maria crankbait  fished via a 3lb braid mainline and 4lb leader.

Reid said the fish had made a genuine 30m first run before the man on the rod could gain any line back. After that the as yet unsighted fish was mistakenly called a small jewie. That view quickly changed when the bream eventually revealed itself to be a 50cm monster. After a few photos the Basin beauty was relased to fight another day; notably it was Murphie’s second ever bream caught on a lure – his first measured 38cm and was taken 15 minutes earlier.

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