Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Can you spot the flattie?

FISHO reader Andrew Toovey of Port Macquarie sent in an interesting photo this week we thought we’d share.

First, some background: It’s a well known fact that the flathead is as an ambush feeder that commonly buries itself in sand and mud as a form of camouflage from unsuspecting prey. While this aspect of the flattie’s behaviour is common knowledge it’s not that often anglers actually see these bottom huggers lying in wait. When tides run out of estuary systems though, exposed sand flats often reveal flathead “lies” – indents made in the soft bottom shape where the fish lay buried until forced out with the receding water.     

“Whilst wading and flicking soft plastics around Lake Cathie on the NSW mid north coast I noticed a flathead of about 35cm laying next to a rock in shallow water,” says Andrew Toovey.

“I grabbed my mobile phone and snapped this picture, whilst there is a bit of reflection on the surface it really illustrates the excellent camouflage of this perfect ambush predator.”

Thanks for sharing, Andrew.

Can you spot the flattie in the photo?

inline_674_https://yaffa-cdn.s3.amazonaws.com/yaffadsp/images/dmImage/SourceImage/Flattie pic 2_DEAF8200-1AF2-11E5-A74F02E22D9E6A7F.jpg
This version makes it a little easier…

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