Cod fisher caught out of season

A VICTORIAN man has been apprehended while in possession of two large Murray cod during the annual breeding season closure.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Director of Fisheries Compliance, Glenn Tritton, said NSW fisheries officers conducted overnight surveillance on the Murray River at Euston after receiving information from the public.

“The man was apprehended prior to dawn as he was leaving the area,” Mr Tritton said.

“His vehicle was searched and he was found in possession of two large Murray cod, one weighing five kilograms and the other 15 kilograms.

“The 62 year old Melbourne man received a penalty notice for $500 for being in possession of the Murray cod out of season.

“Both fish had been tethered and were still alive when located in his vehicle, and were revived and released back into the river.”

The annual Murray cod fishing closure commenced in all NSW waters on 1 September for a three month period.

“The three month fishing closure aims to protect this valued species during their breeding season so that there will be plenty of Murray cod for fishers in the future,” Mr Tritton said.

“Fisheries officers will continue patrolling our inland waters to ensure that fishers are adhering to Murray cod closures and ensure that other fishing rules are also being followed.

“Our fishing laws are in place to protect, conserve and improve the State’s fisheries resources for future generations.”

A summary of the freshwater fishing rules can be found in the 2012 NSW Recreational Freshwater Fishing Guide, which is available online, at NSW DPI offices, fishing licence
Agents and bait and tackle shops.

inline_461_ Murray cod 550.jpg

NSW Fisheries Officer Dave Potter preparing to release alive into the Murray River an illegally taken 15 kilogram Murray cod.

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