Cod kill controversy stirs C&R debate

FISHO was recently sent this disturbing image of numerous large cod recently killed by so-called “anglers” fishing the Murray-Darling system in southern Australia.

While fishing for food is a wholly legitimate activity, can killing so many large native fish be justified in this day and age? Even if a group of “anglers” fishing within their bag limits were responsible for killing these cod, did they need to take so many?

This image, which has stirred much social media debate, has been linked to a review of Murray cod size limits currently underway in Victoria – see HERE for details.

If brought into law, this review, which proposes “slot limits” for cod, would reduce the take of large breeding size cod.

But what if things went one step further? Many anglers believe Murray cod should be declared Catch & Release only.

What do you think? Should Australia’s most iconic native fish be given unique sportfish status and declared a “no take” species?

Back when the first white immigrants settled Australia, cod – and many other native fish – were seen as an important food source. Vast numbers of fish were caught and consumed in those early days of Australia’s colonial history. But those days are long gone – nowadays no one needs to eat Murray cod in order to survive.

Given the host of environmental problems facing our native species, does it now make sense to show more respect to our No.1 freshwater sportfish by carefully releasing all cod after capture?

Many inland anglers probably see taking a few cod as something of a “right”. That’s perfectly understandable but when images like this do the rounds it’s equally understandable that the rest of us ask questions about the mentality of those who would slaughter so many big cod …

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It’s a tough issue … but Fisho is prepared to take a stance and declare that it’s time to declare Murray cod as a C&R only species. Who is with us?

What's your reaction?

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