Council tackles line litter problem

Sydney’s Willoughby City Council is encouraging fishos to put their unwanted fishing line in specially designed TAngler Bins. The northern Sydney-based Council is currently installing these bins in eight popular fishing spots around Willoughby where line dumping has previously been an issue.

TAngler Bins are designed specifically for the disposal of fishing line and hooks. Passers-by are also encouraged to pick up discarded line litter and dispose of it thoughtfully in the TAngler Bins provided.

With some fishing lines having the potential to keep their strength and last up to 600 years they can cause problems when discarded in the environment. Lines can cause harm to both wildlife and humans as it is often difficult to see and is easy to become entangled with. Birds and animals often ingest hooks attached to discarded lines or become entangled and cannot escape. 

“Some of our residents have been unfortunate enough to see the damage that discarded fishing line can do to our wildlife. Willoughby City Council is currently installing TAngler Bins to help keep our fishing spots great and reduce our impacts on fish habitats and wildlife,” said Willoughby Mayor, Pat Reilly.

“TAngler Bins will make it easier to be a responsible fisher. The bins will be easy to spot and are situated next to existing garbage bins. I encourage fisher people to use a TAngler Bin to recycle fishing line to save wildlife in Willoughby’s marine and coastal environment,” he said.

The TAngler Bin project is an initiative of OceanWatch Australia which has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

For more information about TAngler Bins, phone Willoughby City Council on 9777 1000.


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