Friday, March 1, 2024

Crafty squid jigs

Japanese lure and rod manufacture Gan Craft has come up with a revolutionary new squid jig it says works as good as it looks.

The Gan Craft Evil Fish is designed to be exactly that: an evil little fish that uses a life-like swimming action and good looks to fool even the most cagey squid. Just one look at these radical new jigs and you yourself will be hooked on their breath taking colours and patterning.

The creative minds at Gan Craft have chosen a new concept for the jig’s design. Steering away from the traditional cloth coverings found on many other jigs, they believe the squid will hold onto the smooth finish on the Evil Fish jig because it more closely mimics the hard smooth scales of a small fish.

The Gan Craft Evil Fish squid jig also sports many innovations. Gone are the stabilizing side feather from a traditional squid jig and in its place, perfectly symmetrical body moulding and more importantly, a hydrodynamic designed keel weight. It’s this keel that allows the jig to both fall perfectly through the water and swim with a darting action. There is also a swivel connection on the nose of the jig to allow unhindered and life-like swimming motion.

Hooks are always a contentious issue on squid jigs but with Gan Crafts in-house hook manufacturing you get nothing but the best chemically sharpened, surgical stainless steel. They’re a double sized and offset with graphite shafts for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Look for them in selected tackle stores now.

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