Dolphinfish caught off Portland, Vic

This dolphinfosh was landed off Portland, Victoria.

EVERYONE knows that Portland is a fantastic fishing destination for southern bluefin tuna, but as Reel Fishing Melbourne recently discovered, you can also snag yourself a dolphinfish or mahi mahi if you will.

It’s unusual for these guys to be found this far south. Unexpected but not unheard of! We know that with changes to water temperatures and mixing of currents, more warm-water species are starting to appear in Victorian waters. 

According to the Victorian Fisheries Authority (VFA), mahi mahi are a highly mobile fish and appear to be hitching a ride on the Leeuwin current which flows south near the western coast of Australia. 

If you’ve ever caught something as crazy as a dolphinfish in Victorian waters, the VFA want to know about it! Send them a message through their Facebook page to report your unusual catch.

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