AFTA’s Marine Park call to action

IN August 2017, the Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA) welcomed and supported the plans issues by the Government for the Commonwealth Marine Reserve System. AFTA said it has not waived its support for the Government on this issue.

This week the Government released revised plans that have increased protections on both East and West Coasts Australia. AFTA has consulted with the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation and the Game Fishing Association of Australia and have determined that these increased protections pose no issue or threat to recreational fishing. AFTA fully endorses the Government’s revised Marine Park Plans.

It is highly likely that the Opposition will lodge an Disallowance Motion against the revised plans.

AFTA said industry as a whole and concerned individuals need to make some noise and contact independent and cross-bench members and let them know that the Government’s revised plans for the Commonwealth Marine Reserve System are good for recreational fishers, good for industry and good for Australia.

The Government’s plans present a balanced approach to ensuring our unique marine environment is protected while allowing sustainable recreational fishing access for Australia’s 5 million recreational fishers and the industry behind them.

An AFTA spokesman said: “We are close to seeing these plans become a reality – but only if we can convince Independent and Cross-bench members to supportr the Government’s plans rather than the unacceptable Burke plans, which will result in major lockouts all over the country.”

What can you do?

* Contact Cross-bench and Independent Members. Their contact details are listed at the bottom of this story.
* Tell them that as both a recreational fisher and a business owner you support the Government’s plans for the Commonwealth Marine Reserves.

AFTA together with the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation, Game Fishing Association of Australia and Seafood Industry Australia are joining forces on this issue to protect the future of fishing in Australia.



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