Gillard Government clarifies marine parks policy

In an attempt to clear up “misleading stories about Federal Labor’s approach to marine parks”, the Gillard Labor Government has issued a press statement days out from Saturday’s federal election.

In the statement titled A few facts about marine parks, Labor outlines a series of ‘Facts’ in what appears a last minute attempt to allay voter fears concerning any future expansion of marine parks in Australia’s Commonwealth waters.

In brief, the statement lists the following (download a PDF of complete statement below):

  • FACT 1 – Any new marine parks will start more than 5 kilometres out to sea
  • FACT 2 – No decisions have been made about the location of any new marine parks
  • FACT 3 – Many types of fishing are allowed in marine parks
  • FACT 4 – We are already consulting to minimise the impact on fishing
  • FACT 6 – Marine parks grow fish stocks

To download a copy of Labor’s complete statement click HERE.

The federal election is on tomorrow.

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